At Le Petit Poppyseed, you’ll find accessories, pillows, socks, hats, and more–all with a touch of piggery. Shop owner Laura combines her passions for upcycling, sewing, and graphic design to create stylish goods with porcine flair. Her partner, Rachel, also contributes artistic pig-themed designs.

Le Petit Poppyseed was named after an adorable young rescued pig who left this world too soon. In early 2015, Laura’s family took in Poppyseed, who had been forced to live in a barren hunting dog run where food was sparse for three weeks. At the time of his rescue, he had dropped over a third of his body weight and suffered from liver disease and an upper respiratory infection. Le Petit Poppyseed was founded to fund his long road to recovery, but unfortunately, although he was a fighter, Poppy did not pull through. He was lucky to have been loved by a real family, and now his memory lives on to advocate for compassion for other pigs around the world. A portion of all proceeds is donated to Toronto Pig Save to spread awareness about the intelligent, quirky critters known as pigs.