Introducing Peppercorn (and our new line of string art)!

It’s been a while since I have checked in with you all here, but rest assured, we’ve been hard at work. Now for sale in our shop are adorable pig-themed string art pieces designed by my partner, Rachel. Check out a couple examples, and then head on over to shop!

Pig love string artPig Nose String Art

In other news, it’s finally time to introduce our new family member publicly. Meet Peppercorn the potbellied pig. We adopted him from a family who no longer wanted him after buying him from a breeder and expecting him to be just like another dog in their house. Pigs take a lot of time and work–and they’re much more stubborn than dogs. Pepper was only 10 pounds when we took him in, but he’s doubled in size and is expected to quadruple in size (or more) as he becomes a full-grown pig. Although Pepper was sold to his previous guardians as a teacup pig, that term is truly a marketing ploy. No healthy full-grown pig will stay at 30 pounds. And despite what it seems from these adorable piglet pictures captured by our friend Michele Oxton below back in April, Pepper’s growth has been rapid. We’ll be sure to share his progress here!

Baby Peppercorn piglet Baby Peppercorn piglet Baby Peppercorn piglet

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