Happy Easter – Love a Ham, Don’t Eat One!

It’s Easter, and we hope you’re all having a beautiful holiday with lovely weather. As I type this, Poppyseed is romping through our backyard. He’s come miles over the last couple months since his rescue from a barren, freezing, icy hunting dog run. Last week, he got neutered, and while it hasn’t been a fun adventure for him, he certainly needed it! No more mounting for this silly guy.

We’ve already sold a few items since our launch, and we are so excited. We appreciate every single purchase that is helping Poppyseed get back on his feet. And along with Easter, we are also celebrating by officially welcoming this little piggy into our home. After all we’ve been through together, we couldn’t imagine life without him.

Lastly, we hope that today, on Easter, you’ll decide to love a little ham like Poppy instead of eating one! It’s not too late to enjoy these delicious vegan Easter treats!

Poppyseed has been adopted!

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